An empire waist dress has the waistline placed just above the natural waist, but sometimes is right below the bust. The skirt has a loose fit and usually is long. This type of dress emphasizes and elongates any body figure. Women with a pear-shaped silhouette have especially a lot of advantages if they choose to wear the empire waist dress.

Today, the empire waist dress with V-neck is a popular option for formal events and weddings and can be seen often on the red carpet because of its comfortable and flattering fit.

The empire dress was adopted from the Greco-roman tunic and became popular in Europe around the late 18th century. In that time, women that had a high social status wore white flowing empire dresses. Josephine de Beauharnais, which was Napoleon’s first empress and Lady Hamilton were very influential in making this style of dress popular.

Today, the empire waist dress is considered to be romantic and stylish. This kind of dress is perfect for summer and springs weddings but can be easily transitioned to a fall outfit by throwing a jacket, blazer or trench on top.

One of the most flattering types of empire dresses is the one with V-neck. The empire waist dress with V-neck is great for formal but also semi-casual events. It depends on what shoes and accessories do you wear. A plunging neckline will highlight your facial features, neck, shoulders and bust.

Get inspired by Greek goddesses and choose to wear a flowing empire dress. Opt for beadings, delicate pleating, embroidery, jewels or any other details that will add a glamorous vibe. Floral elements can offer a romantic outfit or maybe opt for a dress with gold accents.

Because of the design, the empires waist dress is perfect for pregnant women. It is fit on the bust and then drapes loosely over your lower body, which makes it a great option for your baby bump.

The empire waist dress with V-neck is feminine, stylish and comfortable. You can wear it at formal occasions but also in a casual environment. We suggest you to invest in an empire dress because it’s a must-have item.

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