I always wanted whiter teeth but never had the guts to go to the dentist and have them bleached.

Mostly because I am afraid they will get more sensitive or  I will pay a lot of money on a poor result and I would regret that forever.


I read about some teeth strips from Whitecrest and I ordered a box to check it out. Can’t wait to get rid of those coffee stains forver. But wait, I never said I would give up coffee…. Decisions, decisions… But first, I have to try them and see if they work.

white crest strips


I got mine for only 23,49$ on Amazon

I am anxious to try them out because I hear so many great things about them, plus the price was really low fact which actually convinced me to buy them.

thought about getting a tooth paste for senstive teeth while I will use the strips because I read they might get sensitive for a while and then back to normal.

Have you tried bleaching your teeth? I am curious of the result if you tried out any other brands or products.

Also found this tutorial here.



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