If you are from America, you are probably used to another types of peasant blouse, as you can see on websites like Macy’s or ASOS, but here in Europe, the nationalist area, full of nations with traditional clothes, it’s quite hard to have just one type of peasant blouse, since almost every country has it’s national clothing item.

On Spain you have the mantilla, the peineta and gilet. In Romania you have the Iie, in France you have the linen chemise, a jupon, mitasses, guilettes or capote. In Germany you have the lederhosen, the dirndll, the tracht or haferl.

It all depends on the country you are talking about, because of the countries adapted their clothing on what they could find in their suroundings some hundreds of years before. It wasn’t always quite comfortable, but it was useful, it kept the cool or warm, depending on the season.

That’s why in Bavaria and Austria you have clothing that it’s quite thick and made for cold and rain. In the southern countries, the have basic clothing, mostly white, to protect them from the burning sun and heat of the summer. Spain, for some reason, it’s the exception, with it’s red and black traditional clothes.

Of course, most of those clothes aren’t worn as often as half a century ago, but when people wear them, they want show that they are proud citizens of that nation. But on the day to day basis, most of us just go and buy some clothes that feel and look good and less traditional clothes.

In the last years, the traditional clothes had a comeback, with a lot more people interested in traditional clothes for wearing. Not on a daily basis, but only from time to time, to show out.

So, you, the reader. What kind of traditional clothes do you have in your closet ? Or you have no nationalist spirit and have just long blouses and jeans ?

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