Look great at your daughter’s wedding

There’s no bigger pride for a mother than seeing her daughter getting married. But this event brings with it a certain problem about what to wear because you’ll certainly want to meet everybody’s expectations.

The most representative dress for the mother of the bride is a-line shaped and usually long. Going to such a big event in your life, you might want to play it safe and not experiment new styles and shapes because the result could be unhappy and undesired. This kind of cut is appropriate to any mother of the bride and brings a certain respect and seriosity with it. Lace is a great option for this dress, regarding the season. What you could do is play with the sleeves and make them longer or shorter and with the cleavage, depending on your personal choice and style.

Another great choice for the mother of the bride is a one shoulder a-line dress. If you are even more daring, go for a strapless dress with cute detailing on top. Some ruffles, drapings or flowers are the perfect elements to spice up even the most boring dress. Due to the fact that the top part is very detailed, keep the bottom skirt as simple as possible. To add some structure to the outfit, look for a dress with a marked waistline, or you could add your personal touch to it. Feel free to add whatever fits your style and blends into the overall picture. A sparkling belt or a delicate accessory can really make a difference and add some preciousness to your outfit!

Even if the classic choice is a long a-line dress, some of you might want to go the other way and choose a short dress. We do not recommend going for a mini one, because the event itself asks for something elegant and decent. A knee-length dress is more that perfect if you are proud of your legs and still want to show them. If you are wearing a dress like this, your shoes are going to show more so do not neglect this aspect because after all they are part of your outfit and can really drag it down if you won’t choose the right pair.

In the end, the most important thing is to wear what represent you and you feel most comfortable in!

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