Coats for 2015 Winter

If there is¬†something I love buying, besides boots and accessories in general, that’s coats. In order to have a complete wardrobe, you will wan...

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Coats for Winter

boots for fall

What’s on Your Shopping List? Autumn is the perfect season to start buying some new boots. ¬†Ankle boots are very versatile and easy to incorpor...

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Boots for Fall

Makeup cheat sheet

  For some make-up is highly important, for others, it’s just an accessory for special events, but we all like a well done make-over, right...

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Make-up Cheat Sheets

diy on instagram

The first thing I do when I wake up is check out my instagram account for some fresh, inspiring content right before I get out from bed. And because I...

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DIY on Instagram

easy party food recipes

Spontaneous parties are always the best! But when it comes to fast cooking , it’s not always easy if you want to keep it as healthy as possible ...

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Easy Party Food Recipes

season transition fashion

I hate the fact that Summer is nearly over, but there is no turning back, have to face it. In order to get my mind on the positive track I try to shop...

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Season’s Transition

henna designs on hands

Henna has recently become really popular among fashionistas and my instagram feed is full of beautiful designs that I would try out. If they are drawn...

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Popular Henna Designs

sandal embelishments

I love versatility especially when it comes to redesigning my favorite items, and if I can “undo” the process when I get bored of that cha...

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Sandals Embellishments

A 101 guide to looking stylish Going to the gym is not always the most pleasureful thing, mostly because we don’t feel comfortable by the way we...

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Gym Clothing