how to wear a layering necklace

They were in fashion a few years ago, and now they are back again. You see them very often in boho inspired looks along with lace dresses and fringed ...

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How to Wear Layering Necklaces

Not sure about you, but I am a fan of microwaved anything. Why? Because it’s soo fast and you can basically make anything in a short period of t...

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Fast Microwave Mug Recipes

We all love to start working out when we see Summer at the end of the tunnel and we panic because there are just a few months and we will be rocking o...

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Summer Workout Outfits

I have a thing for sunglasses and I can’t stop buying new pairs every season. The problem is that last summer I made a list of how much I paid o...

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Sunglasses Under $5

The long journey in searching for the perfect hair. I never had the thickest, longest hair in my class, actually, I was in between, mediocre I might s...

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Hair Extensions

studded ombre shorts

Summer Trends 2015 Every spring I tend to cut out all my old jeans and try out different DIY projects to make them look unique. The problem is that t...

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Ombre Ripped Shorts

healthy breakfast

  Want to stay fit, eat yummy food and never feel hungry? We all want that, but is there a possibility to eat and not gain weight? Actually it is...

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7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I always wanted whiter teeth but never had the guts to go to the dentist and have them bleached. Mostly because I am afraid they will get more sensiti...

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How to Whiten Teeth?

I have been thinking of these feather hair extensions since last summer and I kept  finding all the reasons not to buy them because I thought I would...

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Feather Hair Extensions