Tips on how to wear short capris

In the last couple of years, the short capris pants have gathered a lot o controversy. Many people will tell you that they are really hard to wear because they make your legs look shorter. But we are sure, that you have in your wardrobe at least one pair of short capris. They are the perfect choice for summer days when it’s hot outside but you still want to look stylish and cool.

The meaning of capris could vary, especially because they come in different lengths. Lately, if you have been shopping, you may have seen a lot of culottes, skinny cropped trousers and short capris.

We think short capris are a great variation for women who still want to feel comfortable during summer, without wearing shorts that are too short. The width of the pants can be as different as the lengths, especially now when you find so many styles of capris. For a universally flattering outfit, we would recommend that the best selection is the straight-fit short capris that follow the outline of your legs. But if you are bored with this style, you can totally try wearing new silhouettes. Opt for vibrant colors, interesting prints, natural fabrics and extravagant designs.

When you are wearing short capris the proportions of your look are very important. What looks good on someone else may not look good on you. Because we have different types of bodies it’s best to know how to have a balanced outfit. The proportion of your short capris in contrast with the top and shoes is paramount.

Short capris would look amazing with long tops that you can tuck in. And if you don’t want to wear your tops like this, maybe you can try opting for a long shirt like a tunic. After you have chosen the top, pay attention to the shoes. We would recommend wearing high-heels or wedges, but if you are tall you can totally opt for ballerina flats, sandals or boots.

Short capris can be tricky to wear, but after you learn how to style them you will love them. Capris are feminine, cool and casual, perfect for your day-to-day outfits or when you go on holiday. Do you have in your wardrobe short capris? How do you wear them?

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