Having curves and being an oversized person should not feel like you can not wear tight clothes and skinny jeans. Doing in the right way can only help putting your body in the spotlight and accentuate the nice parts of your body.

The key to wearing skinny jeans plus size is the balance. The truth is that, regardless of your silhouette, skinny jeans don’t hide anything. They can be your best friend, but if you do the wrong styling, they can become your worst enemy. This means you have to pay attention to what they are emphasizing. You need to look at the overall silhouette that they’re creating and then pair them with a top or a jacket combo that balance your figure.

One of the most important rules when picking a pair of plus size skinny jeans is to look for a darker color. Everybody knows that darker colors, especially black give offer that slimmer look. You don’t want to wear something that makes you look big and wide, which is exactly what light colours do. So if you have a dark pair of skinny jeans, whether is a dark pattern or a dark wash, this can be the best choice you can make. Try try to stay away from patterns and bold washes because they only draw attention the that area which you are trying to make look slimmer

Another important tip to take into consideration when choosing plus size skinny jeans is to always look  for that kind of fabric which has some stretch in it. In this case, you need to avoid the 100% cotton fabrics and to look for one which has some stretchy material in the composition. They not only keep their shape, but they also offer a smoothing effect. A simple trick to hide some parts of your body which you don’t need to show that much is to choose a pair of higher waist skinny jeans.

Due to the stretchy material, they will put a very light pressure on your stomach and will keep it in place, not drawing attention to it.Your body shape should not stop you from wearing whatever you want, but the secret is to balance things out and applying some simple tricks which only help your body showing it’s good parts, and not drawing attention to what you don’t want to be seen.

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