You need to go to the mall and to hang out with your friends? Or you just need to travel by train? Well, in both cases, you need a comfortable outfit. For such an outfit, a pair of slim fit cargo pants is something that you should take into consideration wearing.

You may think about choosing a pair of jeans, but everyone wears jeans, so why shouldn’t choose something different? If you are not sure how to match a pair of slim fit cargo pants with other clothing items, maybe we can help you.

How to choose the right pair of shoes for a pair of slim fit cargo pants?

First of all, you have to choose a store that you trust. Then, you have to think about the color of the pants. For travelling, dark colors are the best, because this way, even if you will stain them, the stain will not be visible. For other occasions, you can choose pretty much any color you like. For a feminine and fresh look, of course that white pants is one of the best choices.

Now, cargo pants are comfortable, so that a pair of sport shoes are what you are thinking of, right? Well, yes, this is one possible choice. But, loafers are just as good for this kind of pants. If the pants are made from a type of fabric that makes them perfect for the summer then you can even wear them with sandals.

And now, let’s talk a little bit about the top of the outfit. Tops and T-shirts are the obvious choice. And if you lack inspiration, you can always count on such a combination.

Slim fit cargo pants are great, but just for casual looks. This means that you should not wear them with a blazer. A cardigan though is a great idea. One secret to always have a perfect outfit, no matter if you wear slim fit cargo pants or not is to carefully combine the colors and shades. If you choose a pair of dark colored pants, than a white or pastel colored top is the way to go.

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