Show some skin in a feminine outfit!

A crop top might be a challenging piece to integrate in an outfit but if you style it right the result will be amazing. Keep reading to find out how to wear a tulle skirt with crop tops.

What can be more feminine than a pink tulle skirt worn with a lace top?! This is one of the best combinations you could wear to look delicate and stylish at the same time. The mix between a pink skirt and a white lace top will give to your outfit a lightweight effect. You can either wear a top with a lining under it in order not to be transparent or you can choose a matching bra. You can also look for a top with some cute detailing, like a ruffled edge or some cute buttons at the back which will add a touch of style to the entire outfit. Imagine how cute a scalloped edge would look somewhere around your waistline over a high-waisted tulle skirt!

The exact same thing you could do with a simple hem crop top. Try wearing one with a grey skirt and add some high heels to elongate your silhouette and figure. There are skirts which have a well marked waist just to keep your shape under control and to give structure to the skirt. With a white or grey skirt you could do endless combinations so pick out colorful and bright crop tops or keep a soft line and pick same color or close shade tops.

Another piece which looks amazing with one of the many tulle skirts you can get is the sequined crop top. Besides the fact that it sparkles and draws all the attention to it, it is from the same precious material class as the tulle. A feminine outfit like this can be easily worn to a birthday party or even to a wedding because it has something really festive to it which makes it perfect for special occasions!

There is no right or wrong in this combination, it is only about you and your personal style. So feel free to mix and match bright pieces with darker ones of go for colorful items.

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