Mix and match the perfect accessories

Most of the times, an outfit is not complete until you add the perfect accessories to make it perfect. A bodycon dress itself is already a bold piece, so you need to know how to not go over the top with accessories. Keep reading to find out what to wear with a bodycon dress in order to have a stylish outfit.

  1. A stylish bag

The bag is a major element in every woman’s outfit because it has a double role: it is not only practical but also stylish. From the classiest and ageless designs worth investing in to the newest and most contemporary pieces, a bag can truly make a difference in every outfit.

Large or small, made out of leather or other materials, the bag is the most personal item you can wear with a bodycon dress. Depending on the zone you want to take your outfit to, pick the bag which fits best! We can even expand this bag area to backpacks and precious small clutches. For a street style inspired outfit a backpack worn on one shoulder is more than perfect.

  1. Casual hats and sunglasses

Who says that hats and sunglasses are only for summer time? The main role of the sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the UV’s which you can come across in winter as well. A pair of aviator or round eyewear can be a really stylish accessory regardless the season.

The same goes with hats: a summer hat during hot days as well as a beanie in colder season can really take your outfit out of its comfort zone. A bodycon dress paired with one or even both of these items will make a great casual and relaxed appearance.

  1. Statement jewelrys

A bodycon dress doesn’t have too much details on it, that’s why you have to take your outfit to the next level through accessories. And what greater way to do it than with some statement and bold accessories?! For a strapless or deep neckline dress, choose a big matching necklace and a pair of earrings. Depending on the event and the other details of the outfit, you might want to add more or give some up in order to obtain the perfect look.

When choosing what to wear with a bodycon dress, keep in mind that usually, less is more. Pick the most representative accessories for your style and personality and rock that outfit!

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