Creative outfits – Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Leather pants have been in style since forever. When they are worn correctly and paired with the right items, they can make you look and feel incredible.

The best part is that they are great for a night out and with a thoughtful styling they will work pretty much anywhere-even to the office. Don’t wear them with clothing items that doesn’t make sense, because you will end up by having outfits with the tendency to look cheap and kind of ridiculous.

To avoid this, let’s see when to wear leather pants and how to style them for different occasions.

Relaxed weekend

Because it’s cold outside try to pair your leather pants with a basic blouse, a fur vest and ankle boots. It doesn’t get much more fall-chic than this!

Because textures are so important, leather pants will look brilliant paired with boyfriend blazers or with a soft chunky sweaters.

You can also keep it simple with a graphic tee and a plaid shirt over it. Add a pair of sneakers and a shoulder bag with interesting print for a cute outfit.

At work

Dare to choose leather pants for a chic outfit at the office. A striped shirt, a fitted blazer and some boots with thick heel make for an amazing and polished look. There’s no doubt that you will get everybody’s attention at work!

A sweater in a nude color over a button-up simple shirt looks way less preppy when paired with leather pants. A pair of pumps and a chic long coat will complete successfully this outfit.

For a night out

Mix a crisp white shirt with leather pants and high heels. Opt for shiny jewelry, vibrant-colored lipstick and don’t forget to put a big smile on your face!

If you love lace combine it with leather pants. A lace top makes for a nice contrast against the tough leather.

No stripper platform heels allowed for a night out look. Keep things stylish and wear stilettos or minimalist sandals.

What you need to keep in mind when it comes to leather pants: avoid making them overly sexy! They already are! Always try to balance their inherent hotness!

When wearing leather pants play with shapes and layers!

Be tasteful at the end of the day!

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