Since last season , palazzo pants have gained a vast territory in fashion world. We use to wear them especially during summer, but nothing prevents us from including them in our winter wardrobe, when the air is chiller and when cropped blouses are no longer applicable.

So, if you’re feeling sick of your jeans, wide pants are the way to go this winter!

Let us tell you how to wear pallazo pants in winter!

First of all, keep those hippie models with wide and vibrant colored-prints for summer season and for winter choose simple palazzo pants. Go for warm colors like mustard yellow, red, orange, green, colors that will put you into limelight in the gloomy winter landscape. Also, a monochrome outfit will look amazing during winter. You can choose white for a touch of purity.

If you want to keep it classy, just go for safe versions in black or neutral shades. They will work with any other item from your wardrobe.

You should wear these pants with high-heeled boots. You can still wear them with sneakers (especially if you are tall) for those warm winter days when you want nothing but a relaxed outfit.

At the top match them with basic sweaters, jerseys or leather jackets. Also, you can go or fur coats  for a sophsticated touch, mainly if the weather is very unfriendly, but you still want to look your best. Don’t forget to make a statement by adding a cool accessory such as an oversized scarf, a pair of mirrored sunglasses, even a statement necklace.

You can also choose to mix the palazzo pants with long, warm cardigans cinched with slim waistbands.

Because the pants have a wide cut, you have to balance your look. Always put the blouses inside the pants or go for fitted blouses or shirts to mark the waist. Wearing a large sweater will give you a sloppy look!  And always keep your boots covered by the hem of your pants.

There are endless possibilities to match palazzo trousers during winter. Just add a personal touch to your look and make sure it matches your personality and style!

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