Break the rules and stand out!

Now that the summer is fully installed, it’s time to take out those printed flowy dresses and rock the city! Keep reading to find out what to wear under a summer dress to be even more in style!

Go for basics! If you’re wearing a romper inspired dress, layer a basic t-shirt under it to make it stand out! This is also appropriate if you don’t feel like showing that much skin. Complete the outfit with a choker necklace, a hat and a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. You can also alternate the t-shirt with a bunch of other options like a man’s shirt, a blouse and even a lace top. The choices are endless!

For a street-style inspired outfit, choose a slipdress. They are so in this season! There are multiple options for styling this one too. Like the previous suggestion, go for a basic t-shirt but to spice things up, add a pair of skinny jeans. A pair of high heels (stilettos, sandals, platform) are the best choice in matters of footwear. A black leather backpack is the last piece which is missing to create a special outfit.

An sleeveless a-line shaped dress is perfect for the summer. It lets your body move and your skin breath in the hot summer days. What you can do to make it more special is to put a lace top under it. You can choose between long sleeves or short sleeves whatever works best for you and whatever feels more like your style. Add a statement designers piece bag and a pair of loafers and you got your outfit complete!

We saved the best for last: wear the summer dress with a bralette! Bralettes are those pieces of lingerie which are made to be worn under, but at the same time they are so feminine and cute that you have to show them through your clothes or wear under cut-out dresses. They are usually made of lace, but you can find all sorts of fabrics on the market. Worn under an open-back dress or a low cleavage one, you will obtain a feminine and chic look.

We are sure you have made yourself an idea about what to wear under a summer dress. Now, all you have to do is go out there and explore new stylings!

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