The most feminine item a woman could wear is definitely a dress. Regardless the place and the occasion, a dress is the perfect way to express your femininity and sensitive side. From glamorous events to day by day outfits for work, a dress should be every woman’s uniforme!

An all-time classic and favourite work pencil dress is the black one. In order to not be boring and plain, go for some distinctive elements to make it stand out, but at the same time be careful to keep the business and formal line. You could wear a dress to work starting from the hottest summer days to the colder ones in winter because there are a lot of materials and styles to suit every season and figure. If you feel the need, add a blazer on top to give it that formal look and wear high heel stilettos. A platform can be accepted too if you feel comfortable to wear it all day long.

For those of you more nonconformist and with a wild personality, we came up with the idea of wearing a pencil dress but with a happy and bold print on it, if the environment you’re working in allows it, of course. A printed dress with polka dots or with some cute flowers can even help you pass a bad day easily and cheer you up. Keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple because you still have to blend into a business environment and look classy so a big bag and a pair of high heels should do it.

For the powerful and fearless woman out there we suggest you wear a white pencil dress. A pencil dress is characterized by its tightness so if it passes the knees, you might have some problems walking, except the situations where the material is very stretchy, or there is a front of back slit. Choose unique designs so you’ll stand out and make a fashion statement. Mark your waist with a statement belt, but be careful not to go over the top because you must keep a business appearance.

The office outfit should not be boring and you can always spice up a bit any look through accessories to make it fit your style and personality. Choose your favorite pieces and wear them with confidence.

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